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Customer Testimonials

May be my imagination but from the first time I gave it to my cat she seemed better. Excellent customer service.
Dana Noto, Dayton
I like the quality of product!
Vera, Chesapeak
Thanks for the herbs!
Kara Lyon, Rialto
Item arrived quickly, as described.
hollyuniv, Tampa
Amazon Customer, West Palm Beach
Fast shipping. Item as described.
Nare W., Provo
Super fast shipping. Items nicely packaged. Reliable seller. Thank you.
Nare W., Temecula
Item as described. Timely shipping.
Nare W., Virginia Beach
great size will have to order less often
retired, Denton
Great product at a fair price
Tennessee Teacher, Berkeley
I enjoyed how fast and prompt my order was sent out after purchase. Packaging was done nice and in order. My order came way before the 28th.I really to say 25th. Will be purchasing again. ❤❤❤❤
La Tavia Murphy, Laredo
Excellent product works great!
J. G., Lafayette
Packaging was superb, bottle in a cardboard sleeve and put in a small sturdy PO box and then mailed in a cushioned PO mailer. Thank You!!!
Judi, Costa Mesa
Love it! Great product, fast shipping from Hawaii to California
Amazon Customer, Seattle
No complaints, item as described. Thank you.
XChibi, Cary
Item came on time in excellent condition. Item appears to be working as indicated.
Daniel A. Gross, Charlotte
I am now a return (2x) customer. I don't know what it is about this stuff, but I drink @ 1/4 cup per day (is that too much?) and as soon as it hits my digestive system and goes to work..I am CALM! before I go to yoga, before a dr. visit,dental visit--whatever...it works. But the odd thing is that later on, I realize I have not been grinding my teeth---and no jaw aches or headaches! Magical potion!
Tuffy, Fort Collins
Always happy with this seller and their high quality products.
Bruto Bardowalker, St. Paul
Product arrived ahead of schedule and in good condition
Mongolrat, Fort Lauderdale
allank, Torrance
This was a reorder. I believe the product is effective.
Robert Z., Clearwater
great product.
Jason Brown, Shreveport
This product works FABULOUS for me. It has reduced my ankle swelling and fluid retention. It's 90 % as effective as when I was on a low dose prescription medication (hctz). I bought the 4 ounce size and am taking 1 ml daily/1 dropper full. I either mix with an ounce or so of water or take undiluted then follow with a sip of water. I am happy that it is organic and alcohol free.
Amazon Customer, St. Paul
The Hawaii Pharm Liquid was delivered within a reasonable length of time -- and it will help me Spring into Summer!
Sigmond Twayne, Louisville
wonderful source of "seng". Canada, to Hawaii, to North Las Vegas ... wow, what a traveling
jeff abare, Stockton
This is my second time when I ordered the same product . Artichoke liquid extract worked so well to lowering my LDH and increasing my HDL cholesterol both to normal levels .I can see only a slight reduction total cholesterol .I will strongly recommend this product .
marzena witko, College Station
Do not know if this has worked to cure herpes as of yet, but does seem to be working at 3X the recommended dose
Doglady, Pasadena
Product arrived on time and was as described.
Teri Baker, Newark
Thanks very much!
Vicki Gleeson, Evansville
Quick. Got what I ordered.
MuddO, New York
This product is great! Delivery was on time and arrived in great shape
Amazon Customer, Lancaster
Excellent packing and fast delivery.
jammer, Memphis
Exceptionally well packaged - arrived as scheduled and very securely packaged - thank you
lad, Virginia Beach
I order moringa but got amla. They are not the same. I would like to know why please...
Linda L Haas, Chattanooga
Haven't had time to evaluate the product.
Vern, Salt Lake City
I haven't used this long enough to nice health benefits yet but shipping was quick, packaging dependable & the flavor is mild enough that 2 droppers in a cup of tea goes unnoticed & doesn't change the flavor of my green tea.
Juliet, Des Moines
Thank you.
Joseph Ellison Brockway, North Charlestone
Very good product
Amazon Customer, Atlanta
like it!
Carrie A., Abilene
The item arrived in perfect condition.
Natalie, Waco
Good product fasst delivery thanks
Alice F., Westminster
I will order again !
Butterfly, Antioch
fast, thanks!
Rosie M., Corpus Christi
Quick ship. Excellent packaging. Always top notch.
Goldie, Lancaster
Everything as described. Nice service.
T. Thomas, Elgin
item in excellent condition, excellent delivery time item professionally packaged with care
David M. Ramirez, Santa Clarita
Very great service and packaging! Beginning today to use product. Looking forward to see results! Thank you!
harry, Naperville
The order came as expected. It did take quite awhile but arrived before the last estimated due date. However, the seller advised that there was a free sample enclosed which was not included. Too bad, I always look forward to something "free". I will order from this provider again.
susan m., Denton
This is the ultimate liver cleanse!
PS, Tallahassee
Hippocrates: "Nature itself is the best physician."
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