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Customer Testimonials

Noni extract delivery
Fastest delivery we ever had!! 3 days, including a weekend, from HI to KY. Wife loves the Noni, I love the quick shipping!! Thanks!!
Robert , Oak Grove, KY
Extremely fast shipping. All of my orders have arrived sooner than expected.
Too many reviews are fake??
Review after review has 5 stars, but the people say they haven't even tried it yet!
John Smoth, Hollywood
medicinal sativa alcohol-thc free
ive been using this for several months now, as i have a neurological autoimmune disorder and this is the only product that works for that. thank you hawaiian pharmacy !!! this is a life saver for me.
cindy, huntington
Solomon Seal extract
This company and its extracts are the real deal. The Solomon Seal I bought is nothing short of miraculous topically. It is healing both new and old injuries and I can never thank you enough. LL Erie Pa
Lisa Letto, Erie
Kidney Bladder Relief, Veterinary Natural Alcohol-FREE Liquid Ex
My puppy had crystals in her, which was abnormal for a puppy, she was leaking urine all over the house... We had to put a diaper on her because she didn't even know she was leaking urine and it was causing her not to learn to potty train. I ordered this stuff and within a week, the crystals were all busted up and gone and the vets said he didn't see anymore crystals in her urine when before he saw so many different kinds of crystals even. AMAZING stuff!!!
Austin Taylor, Orlando
Variety of their products
I have been using their products for over a year now... I just keep ordering more and more because I love the quality of their products and the courtesy of the staff the have their, the first order I had I didn't care much for it, so they allowed me to pick out something else at no charge and shipped it out at no charge. Their products work, and it's all natural... the way God intended us to heal ourselves!! I highly recommend buying from here, you won't regret it al all. Thank you Hawaii Pharm. Thank you for getting my health back and keeping me off of the poison that pharmaceutical companies push onto you.
D. Racquer, Florida
I've ordered this product several times. This seller always packages it well, and product is consistently good. Fast shipping.
Rockermom51, Salem
Love this stuff!!! Prompt and accurate service. Will order from them again.
Larry N. Gilbert, Sedar Rapids
Love this product! it is a keeper at my home .
Marty Ronhovde, North Las Vegas
Product arrived on time. Product was packaged very well. Can't wait to try it out for a couple of weeks and then review it.
KS, Houston
Fast shipping
ab, Clearwater
Good service
pauline odette, Greensboro
my little japanese chin is loving this supplement still coughing but not as much have not used a week yet Thanks so much
Vernetta M Walker, North Las Vegas
I like this stuff for detoxing lead and cadmium. Wow. I would definitely take it with manganese and bioflavenoid.
Amanda Kelling, Murfreesboro
Fast shipment and look forward to using this product.
Rita Sexton, Brownsville
Received a damaged product, after Contacting seller, they replaced the product. Excellent customer service, highly recommend.
Lindsay Phillips Spokane, Richmond
Excellent, thank you
Alicia Sitko, Tampa
My son did not have a hang over.
Nina Donovan, Oceanside
I keep ordering from this company. The product is great, the service is impeccable.
Jean Ward Jacote, Fargo
Everything arrived just fine !
catalino c., Murfreesboro
Everything arrived just fine and in a timely manner !
catalino c., Nashville
Good product for coughing dog.
Amazon Customer, Colorado Springs
Will purchase from seller again.
Scott Smyth, Jackson
Haven't really had the chance to use this yet.
Gil S., High Point
My Osha Root arrived faster than promised..
Robert Lee, Sedar Rapids
So nice for Lyme disease, it helped me a lot to reduce my joint inflamation.
jorge echeagaray, High Point
It helped a lot with my Lyme disease.
jorge echeagaray, Oceanside
Good product. It does what it was meant to do.
MiranP, Salt Lake City
I have bought this product a couple of times. I has a pleasant taste so I have used it right out of the dropper, not floated into a tea. This is the 1st Tian Men Dong I have tried so I have nothing to compare it with, but it seems to be a good product to me.
Toya Gabeler, Tulsa
Product arrived on time, carefully packed.
Sheryl D., Escondido
It is a little effective as a diuretic.
A L., Dallas
The order process & shipping was fast & easy. For that definitely 5 stars, however, I'm not sure if the product is a 5 star rating as this is the first time I ordered it & don't see any of the effects that I researched I would experience. I've harvested my own Wild lettuce & experienced completely different effects. More research needs to be done on my part.
Deadra L Megert, Ventura
I ad it to my tea and there is no added taste
Astrid, Surprise
good price - excellent quality - fast delivery - Thank you!
Grover66, Columbia
Arrived early. Exactly what was needed.
Sun M., Raleigh
Excellent seller
Aspyn, Simi Valley
Have not decided yet, think its good.
altajburton, Lafayette
nice but taxe too hight
Client d'Amazon, St. Paul
Konstantin, Boulder
Item arrived promptly and in excellent condition.
laughing water, Cambridge
Item arrived promptly and in excellent conditon.
laughing water, Pasadena
Odd, yet not unpleasant, taste. I have not used long enough to determine how much I need for better sleep.
Barbara C., Buffalo
Grateful to have found these Alcohol-Free products
whitefeather, Hartford
I have been searching for tinctures without alcohol for sometime and am so grateful to have found a company that has provided this for me. Thank you thank you thank you
whitefeather, Augusta
Arrived as expected.
Ray, Albuquerque
Excellent Product. O:-)
GF, Woodbridge
Have purchased this product multiple times. I have always been happy.
Carlson Family, Chesapeak
Delivery was very fast.
Xilef, Oakland
Great item. Will purchase again
Kindle Customer, Burbank
Hippocrates: "Nature itself is the best physician."
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