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13 Oct
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Acerola, or Barbados cherry, is a large dense tropical evergreen shrub or short tree that grows up to 6 m in height. The leaves of acerola are oval in shape. Acerola flowers are red, pink or white, collected in bunches. The fruit is round or slightly flattened, 1.25-2.5 cm in diameter, with a thin glossy bright red skin, with resemblance to cherries. The inside contains a juicy acidic pulp with three hard seeds. Ripe fruits taste like raspberries. They are eaten raw, cooked, or made into juices, syrups, jams, wines, or purees.

Acerola is native to the Antilles, including the island of Barbados and northern South America. In the wild, the plant can be found up to the territory of the northern regions of Brazil. The plant is successfully cultivated in Panama, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, the USA (Texas, California and Florida), the Philippines, the Bahamas and Bermuda, as well as Central America; outside America - in Australia, Ghana and India.

Acerola fruits are harvested in a semi-ripe state, because at this moment the content of vitamin C in them reaches the maximum. In terms of the amount of vitamin C, they are ahead of even oranges. Also, berries include B vitamins, provitamin A, minerals (iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus), pectin, carbohydrates, organic acids. The fruits of the Barbados cherry provide a tonic, antioxidant, restorative, regenerating effect.


Acerola supplements are used as part of complex therapy for

- lack of vitamin C during pregnancy, lactation, growth

- fatigue

- after a long illness

- prevention and treatment of viral and infectious diseases

- cardiovascular diseases

- treatment of diseases of the male and female reproductive system.


Acerola has traditionally been used in traditional medicine of the peoples of Latin America as a means of strengthening the immune system. In Barbados, for example, in the case of a cold, the local people usually ate acerola. Acerola juice, as well as fresh fruits, are used in South and Central America to normalize kidney and liver function. Also, acerola juice is used as a natural cardiotonic and antioxidant.

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