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Sulforaphane Glucosinolate
Dears: This is Lisa Kang from Suzhou Myland Pharm & Nutrition Inc. China which is a leading manufacturer and supplier of nutritional supplements. I know that you are a well known company dealing with Sulforaphane Glucosinolate, so I hope seeking an opportunity to cooperate with you . If you are interested in this item, pls email me and I will provide more detailed information on Sulforaphane Glucosinolate. We look forward to receiving your enquiries soon. May good luck surround you for ever! Yours faithfully, Lisa Kang Cont act: Phone: 0086-512-66150 687  Mobile: 15995830967 E mail:  Lisa.kang@myla ndpharm.com Website:  www.mylandpha rm.com QQ: 337411137 WeChat: zhang023164970
Lisa Kang, Suzhou , China
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