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Great product and very well and eco-friendly packaged
I've been controlling my genital herpes with prunella Vulgaris for the past six years and it's amazing how it works - I take it regularly (20 drops) every 3 hours, during the day! I was also very happy when I bought the big glass container (to avoid plastic) and it came all wrapped nicely in a very eco-friendly standards and plastic-free!
Luna, Miami
Cannot get product ordered.
Placed an order for product and nothing has been delivered. No one answers, phone, chat or emails. Will be contacting my credit card company to report this fraudulent behavior and also my state Consumer Protection Agency. to check into deceitful business practices.
I bought this brand when I could not find the brand I had been using. By comparison, it was a disappointment . The brand I usually use is a deep yellow-is orange, but the Hawaii Pharm color was a washed-out, pale yellow - it's apparently a rather weak solution. Also, despite the name, the spilanthes is not from Hawaii - it is imported from Brazil. (The water comes from Hawaii, big deal.) Also, it contains a ton of glycerin, which gives it an unpleasant, obnoxiously sweet taste. I purchased it because I like to use spilanthes as a healthy mouthwash that leaves your mouth feeling clean and fresh - this stuff leaves me feeling like I've been eating children's orange-flavore d toothpaste.
Carol, Hilo
Liquid extracts
The liquid extracts arrived as ordered. were just as the website described.
Good day! My name is Anna, I represent internet shop of natural healthy products. We locate in Russia, Moscow. Plesa e let us know if you can consider cooperation between our companies, what are your Terms and Conditions and price for bulk order of your products. In case you do not deal directly with such offers, please share contacts of company which can supprt us with this. Regards Anna
Anna, Moscow
how i got cured from herpes with the help of dr okosun
Dr okosun  herpes treatment is one of the most effective home remedies for herpes which has the ability to kill the herpes virus permanently. I found out I had herpes 4 years ago. My first outbreak was definitely the worst thing I ever experienced. The bumps and blisters were swollen and red. I had a doctor give me Valtrex but I take the generic. I had to take the Valtrex 1 gram a day for about a week and I had another doctor prescribe me Acyclovir but that gave me the worst headaches ever, so I stopped taking it.after 2 year all that prove abortive the herpes was still there, Since I was first diagnosed I have about 2 outbreaks a month. I have been able to cope with this by having supportive family and friends who look out for me,though it wasn't easy for me, one day i read a post by someone testifying about Dr  okosun that she was cured totally using his herbal product, i decided to gave it a try, I contacted him as instructed in the testimony. i made request for the herbal medicine, he actually did send it to me and gave me the instruction on how i will use it, The good news is this, i went to the hospital after the medication for test as instructed by Dr okosun, i was tested negative, i was surprised find ing out that am now herpes virus negative against my former result which was positive, Am happy to let the whole world know that today am free from this herpes disease, no more outbreak, no more cold sores, excruciating pains, i will advice anyone reading this message  and needed a cure for herpes as well should please contact this Great Dr okosun on drokosun55@gma il.com or WhatsApp +2348124363791 . visit his website https: //drokosun55.w eebly.com am Leslie Jordan  here is my private email lesliejordan36 3@gmail.com  
leslie jordan, new york
Why is it you all want to try and chrage me for a product i never ordered and you keep trying to recharge and rechargeing me for. Stop i dont want your product and now i get to change my bank card because of you all. R3ally thanks for the inconvenience.
Mark, Keymar
Toenail fungus
I am wondering do this work for toenail fungus and have anyone try it for that reason I can't write the product because I have not used it I'm trying to figure it out how it works
Sonya, Markham
Bad service
Does not help track lost packages through6 usps which does not overcompensate for any giod product
Excelente products
My daughter was diagnosed with celiac and many other allergies so I found myself buying products thinking the companies are honest about what they sell ( LIE) after lie and deception 90% of the products I bought was contained, they claimed gluten free but contained wheat and rice or corn witch is detrimental for people with celiac ... I FOUND HAWAII PHARM , the best herbal extracts all the products are safe no problems with my daughter side effects , I’m so beyond grateful I found this place it’s like safe heaven knowing I can buy things
Rufina, Avondale
To the president of Hawaiin Pharm... I have figured out what you changed in your broccoli sprout formula, I have previously emailed you, Regarding that I noticed a change in your recipe in it is now obvious what you have done you have changed the glycerin type you’ve gone with a much cheaper formula and I am severely allergic to vitamin E, AKA- alpha-tocopher ols, formula made with vitamin Ebased products soy based ingredient, Your new formula has a lot of cheaper vitamin E in it now and it is really showing your other Old/glycerin formula glycerin was much thicker higher grade!!, and was natural!!, this was a product I took all the time for my brain which was severely injured in an accident and this formula was really helping it I had made up labels and was selling the product and now I can’t even take my own product, because of the glycerin switch you have done, When I take vitamin E with this ingredient I get severe vertigo, and I had to figure out where it was coming from all of a sudden, I could taste the difference in the new formula, and my husband noticed it too,that’s when I realize your formula had changed and my husband figured it out that it was the glycerin change that you have made, it’s so disappointing to know I have a product I can no longer takemyself which was really helping my brain injury So disappointed Linda wagner, CN, herbalist 303-918-5579
Linda wagner , Ventura
shipment problem
still waiting for my order since two months.....
Ingrid, The Netherlands
Terrible product and customer service
I ordered the kava kava extract from this company and it was... not kava. I have been using kava for years and my regular brand was out of stock so I gave this one a try. This product is offensively bad. Whatever small amount of kava it may have in it is not enough to do ANYTHING. You cannot taste the kava either, and kava has a pretty potent flavor. This literally has the taste and effect of sugar water. I contacted customer service and they marked it as "resolved" after leaving me a condescending message back about how the tinctures made with glycerin may take longer to work. This is true, but they should still work! At some point! Ever! This company is a joke.
emily , st petersburg
It works for me well over a year and counting. I've tried a few other Self heal brands but, Hawaii Pharm has earned my current respect .
Mike, wichita
Covid 19 treatment
Dear sir I have valuable informations confirm potent effect of one of your products for help in the treatment of covid 19 I need to contact one of your medical staff
Tamer hasan, Dammam ksa
PLEASE can you urgently add FRANCE to international locations ?! I cannot order ! Sorry, I could not contact you by mail ! Would be good to add a mail address options for general questions !
I ordered off Amazon your 2oz alcohol free Selfheal....th e results were amazing....so far....will see what the long term will be.....so I ordered via Amazon 2 more 4oz bottles....but these were not alcohol free......and I am wondering how effective these will be in comparison.... .I am using them topically on skin disorders and am very successful so far....I have not opened or used the 4 oz. till I hear from you.....I expected the alcohol free 4 oz......I just this evening have found your website and am very pleased......I was hoping you had more descriptions as to the use of each of your products..... Sincerely Nita Young in Kenai, Alaska
Nita Young, Kenai
what is the best product to cure bladder discomfort? or the best product to simply calm the bladder or any area that is close in proximity to the bladder? thanks
nicky, toronto
Para Expel
Have a 7 month old French bulldog who loves being outside and loves sticks and leaves. Unfortunately, we have lots of wildlife. My dog ended up with a parasite, Giardia specifically. The meds from the vet several times , which did not seem to help. I have used Para Expel and after using one whole bottle had my dog tested, and the parasite is gone. Thank you for a great product. I will use the Black Walnut you produce for maintenance occasionally. Thank you again!
DJ, Farmington Hills
Para Expel
Have a 7 month old French bulldog who loves being outside and loves sticks and leaves. Unfortunately, we have lots of wildlife. My dog ended up with a parasite, Giardia specifically. The meds from the vet several times , which did not seem to help. I have used Para Expel and after using one whole bottle had my dog tested, and the parasite is gone. Thank you for a great product. I will use the Black Walnut you produce for maintenance occasionally. Thank you again!
DJ, Farmington Hills
More information please
It seems impossible to talk to a person on the phont or send a message, so I'm asking here. I would like more information about the Alcohol-free Amla https://www.ha waiipharm.com/ amla-nonalc-ex tract. Specifically how many MGs per MLs? I noticed other items says there's 330mg per 1ml, but I cannot find this information anywhere on the Alcohol-Free Amla. Thank you. - Becky
Becky, Bend
Sulforaphane Glucosinolate
Dears: This is Lisa Kang from Suzhou Myland Pharm & Nutrition Inc. China which is a leading manufacturer and supplier of nutritional supplements. I know that you are a well known company dealing with Sulforaphane Glucosinolate, so I hope seeking an opportunity to cooperate with you . If you are interested in this item, pls email me and I will provide more detailed information on Sulforaphane Glucosinolate. We look forward to receiving your enquiries soon. May good luck surround you for ever! Yours faithfully, Lisa Kang Cont act: Phone: 0086-512-66150 687  Mobile: 15995830967 E mail:  Lisa.kang@myla ndpharm.com Website:  www.mylandpha rm.com QQ: 337411137 WeChat: zhang023164970
Lisa Kang, Suzhou , China
amazon order
hello, when ordering on amazon, hawaii pharm does not provide any shipping information or options. As a result, i did not know how hawaii pharm was going to ship their products. as a result i gave the shipping address for UPS. hawaii pharm does not ship via ups. the package was not deliverable by the ups address. this is the only method i am able to reach hawaii pharm at the moment. i am trying to ship an herb to a patient. this has proven to be very difficult due to the above conditions.
david ruther, albuquerque nm
Turmeric Question -- possible problem
Hello, I received a bottle of your glycerin-based turmeric extract. It is very light in color and has almost no turmeric/curcu min flavor at all. I have used many different turmeric tinctures from different companies before, and yours is the only one so light in flavor and without color. My concern is that it does not contain the full amount of active ingredient. What can we do about this?
Allen, Sarasota
Blue lotus tincture
I was looking for a blue lotus testimonial and couldn't find one, well I bought it and figured I'll be the first one. It's amazing, legit and gives you great sense of relaxation. Buy this stuff it's a great way to end a long day or when you're having a stressful one.
Trevor B, Tonawanda
Pygeum TIncture
This is a great high quality product. It has been a part of a very successful treatment for BPH and Prostatitis. Take as recommended.
Steve French, Louisville, KY
Noni shipment
Not only is this extract of noni an effective item, the shipping speed is exceptional. From date of order to day of delivery (Hawaii to Kentucky), was 3 days!! Crazy fast always. And it sometimes takes longer than that to just get mail across the state. Thank you Hawaii Pharm!!
Robert Assmus , Oak Grove, ky
Solomon's Seal, I want to know if you take it with food or with
See above!
Solomon's Seal, I want to know if you take it with food or with
See above!
Solomon's Seal, I want to know if you take it with food or with
See above!
Turkey tail mushroom
I started taking turkey tail to reduce bad knee inflammation and water on the knee that had lasted 5 years after an accident. No question that it works. My knee is no longer swollen or has water. I would say, 95% better. Trick is that it must be taken at least twice a day, but better three times. Keep it in your system overnight as well. Note that it must be taken for the long term, especially if you are past age 30, as your stem cell are much reduced after that age. Amazing for me.
Ian van audenhaege, Chelsea, Québec, canada
Wild lettuce
My son has struggled with asthma for 20 years... the wild lettuce has ELIMINATED the need for any pharmaceutical medicine(poiso n). I am absolutely thrilled! So very grateful. melissa
Melissa Christopher , Folsom
Veterinary Urinary Relief for Dog
This extract is amazing!! My 13 year young pitbull has Urinary struvite crystals, even though she's on highest quality dog food, I've tried several different remedies and this is the BEST!! Cant say enough good things about it. She even likes the taste. Thank you Hawaii Pharm for creating this superb extract. Highly recommend!! Quick shipping too.
Denise, Hedgesville
Bad experience.
I have used holy basil from several other companies. I tried Hawaii Pharm because they offered larger quantities of tinctures at a good price. I was disappointed in the product- both taste and effectiveness. I returned 2 bottles of Holy Basil, spent $14 on return costs, waited 2 weeks, had to contact the seller about status of my refund and then they only refunded my for one bottle! I am out a total of $40 and I HAVE NO PRODUCT. So, if you try one of their products and it doesn't work for you, you are stuck with it. However, the only way to know if the product works for you IS TO TRY IT. This was the worst experience on Amazon that I've had in 8 years as a customer- and I shop on amazon weekly.
Alicia Faulds, Bernalillo
Dandelion (Taraxacum Officinale)
I had some in some Pau D Arco Tea. That was great. Also took the drops under my tongue and the taste was actually very good. Berulo palletable. Enjoying and ready to explore others.
Cathy Young , Waimanalo
Cats claw
Great service, looking forward to taking the cats claw as part of my healing regimen from EBV that possibly caused my Chronic pain
June, Toronto
Loved the ahead of time shipping arrival! Also very neatly Eco-packaged, much appreciated...
Lane Poor, North Kingstown RI
Noni extract delivery
Fastest delivery we ever had!! 3 days, including a weekend, from HI to KY. Wife loves the Noni, I love the quick shipping!! Thanks!!
Robert , Oak Grove, KY
Extremely fast shipping. All of my orders have arrived sooner than expected.
Too many reviews are fake??
Review after review has 5 stars, but the people say they haven't even tried it yet!
John Smoth, Hollywood
medicinal sativa alcohol-thc free
ive been using this for several months now, as i have a neurological autoimmune disorder and this is the only product that works for that. thank you hawaiian pharmacy !!! this is a life saver for me.
cindy, huntington
Solomon Seal extract
This company and its extracts are the real deal. The Solomon Seal I bought is nothing short of miraculous topically. It is healing both new and old injuries and I can never thank you enough. LL Erie Pa
Lisa Letto, Erie
Kidney Bladder Relief, Veterinary Natural Alcohol-FREE Liquid Ex
My puppy had crystals in her, which was abnormal for a puppy, she was leaking urine all over the house... We had to put a diaper on her because she didn't even know she was leaking urine and it was causing her not to learn to potty train. I ordered this stuff and within a week, the crystals were all busted up and gone and the vets said he didn't see anymore crystals in her urine when before he saw so many different kinds of crystals even. AMAZING stuff!!!
Austin Taylor, Orlando
Variety of their products
I have been using their products for over a year now... I just keep ordering more and more because I love the quality of their products and the courtesy of the staff the have their, the first order I had I didn't care much for it, so they allowed me to pick out something else at no charge and shipped it out at no charge. Their products work, and it's all natural... the way God intended us to heal ourselves!! I highly recommend buying from here, you won't regret it al all. Thank you Hawaii Pharm. Thank you for getting my health back and keeping me off of the poison that pharmaceutical companies push onto you.
D. Racquer, Florida
I've ordered this product several times. This seller always packages it well, and product is consistently good. Fast shipping.
Rockermom51, Salem
Love this stuff!!! Prompt and accurate service. Will order from them again.
Larry N. Gilbert, Sedar Rapids
Love this product! it is a keeper at my home .
Marty Ronhovde, North Las Vegas
Product arrived on time. Product was packaged very well. Can't wait to try it out for a couple of weeks and then review it.
KS, Houston
Fast shipping
ab, Clearwater
Hippocrates: "Nature itself is the best physician."
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