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16 Oct
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Barley (Hordeum Vulgare) is an annual plant in the grass family with narrow, flat leaves and spikelets during the flowering period. It is a valuable forage and food crop. Barley belongs to the oldest cultivated plants. Like wheat, it has been cultivated since the Neolithic Revolution (over 10 thousand years ago) in the Middle East . Wild barley is spread over a wide area from Crete and North Africa in the west to the Tibetan mountains in the east. Cultivated barley often gets wild near sowing sites, often found as an accidentally grown plant near roads, on embankments.

The grains of barley are used medicinally. They are also used for the production of cereals and flour. They are harvested as they ripen in July-August. Then the grains are threshed and dried under a canopy in the shade, in a dry room.

Common barley has a unique composition of nutrients, has a tonic, cleansing, enveloping, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic effect, improves metabolism and skin condition.

Mature barley grains contain 75% carbohydrates, 15.8% proteins, 3-5% fats, fiber, enzymes, ash, vitamins B, E, A, D, K, C, fatty oil, micro- and macroelements (sodium , phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, bromine, calcium, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, iron) and other substances. Sprouted grains (malt) contain about 40% starch, 10% dextrin, 30% fiber, 10% protein, vitamins B, A, D, E, mineral salts, enzymes (enzymes). Barley contains up to 82% carbohydrates, which include starch, fiber, hemicellulose, soluble sugars. Proteins contain more than 20 amino acids, of which 8 are considered essential.



Sprouted barley seed benefits:

- Sprouted barley grain increases the content of antibacterial and antiviral substances in the human body.

- Dietary fiber helps to cleanse from harmful elements, reduce blood sugar levels.

- Sprouted grains are used to prepare cosmetics that allow you to provide the skin with proper care.

- Dietary fiber stimulates the digestion process, normalizes the intestines, eliminates constipation.

- Dietary fiber of barley in combination with choline (vitamin B4) has a choleretic effect, benefits the gallbladder.

- Vitamins E, A and B3 contained in the cereal have a wound healing and enveloping effect on the stomach and intestines.

- Barley cereal is excellent as a dietary component for those who want to lose weight.

- Barley decoction has a beneficial effect on the state of the nervous system

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