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28 Sep
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Having studied the skeleton of a person and the arrangement of muscles, you will understand that nature is the most amazing and skillful creator!

The human bone system is a complex structure, the main function of which is to provide support and mobility of the body, which allows us to do many things. Therefore, it is worth taking care of your health and strengthening your bones as a preventive measure. Our bones are fastened together by ligaments, tendons and cartilages and, in addition, participate in the production of red and white blood cells.

In fact, they are also a kind of storage for a large number of essential nutrients and, therefore, are closely related to our immune health. The problem is that our bone system can also suffer from diseases and, unfortunately, many external and internal factors can worsen the condition of our bones. As a consequence, there are severe indispositions and inflammatory reactions, which significantly affect the quality of life.

However, these problems can be avoided, as some useful habits and natural remedies help to strengthen the bones:


 Basil is a very popular seasoning, moreover, these green leaves contain calcium, which is essential for the health of bones. This important mineral helps to strengthen the bones and prevents bone wear associated with the aging   process. You can add basil leaves to salads, make pesto sauce or brew herbal tea from it. 


 Alfalfa sprouts are rich in all the essential minerals that are necessary for the health of our bones. Its anti-inflammatory compounds help to block the negative effects of free radicals and, in addition, reduce the risk of developing   chronic diseases. It should be noted that alfalfa also has effects similar to hormone estrogen, which is important in order to avoid loss of bone density. This plant can be added to salads and natural juices. 


 Willow is a plant rich in salicylic acid, which is a substance with analgesic effect that helps control various diseases, including bones. Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties help to restore bone health, preventing the   problems of our musculoskeletal system.


 Although dandelion is popular due to its diuretic effect, it should be mentioned that it also contains substances that help strengthen bones. We can highlight minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which are necessary to   maintain bone density. Its anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties improve blood circulation and help to support the production of red and white blood cells.


 One of the nettle benefits is related to its ability to protect our bones from harm caused by free radicals. Nettle contains a large amount of iron, calcium and magnesium, these are the necessary minerals that keep our bones   strong. These are not all benefits of nettle. Nettle is a part of infusions and extracts that help to solve such problems as allergies, allergic rhinitis; helps to cleanse the body, maintain the level of iron in the body, and also is used for prostatitis.


 Horsetail is a plant that is a storehouse of nutrients. It is useful for our bones and joints, because of its painkillers and anti-inflammatory properties that help to alleviate pain, relieve inflammation and other symptoms that usually   accompany bone problems. Vitamins, contained in the horsetail, support the synthesis of collagen, which in its turn is a key substance to preserve the health of bone and connective tissue. Collagen restores cartilaginous tissue and prevents its wear, when the bones begin to rub against each other and are destroyed.


 Many people use its analgesic and soothing properties in the treatment of a variety of diseases. Few people know that chamomile is also useful for the health of bones, not only because of its anti-inflammatory properties, but   also because of its mineral content. Taking chamomile reduces swelling, which affects mobility and, in addition, lubricates cartilage and ligaments that connect bones.

The natural remedies above can greatly reduce symptoms, but these recommendations shouldn’t take the place of medical supervision. You must always keep track of how you’re feeling, do your own research and work with healthcare provider to create a treatment plan. Stay healthy and keep your spine back in line!

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