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08 Oct
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Autumn is not only a beautiful season, bright and unforgettable. At the beginning of autumn, the weather may be still warm, but it is necessary to dress warmly so as not to get sick. Let's talk about measures which can help to prevent colds.

The first rule: Healthy eating.

Less sugar - more protein. Meat, fish should be in your diet. Eat eggs. The most useful grits is buckwheat. Do not forget about nuts and legumes. Sauerkraut helps to fight the first signs of a cold. It contains substances that enhance the activity of immune cells - leukocytes. Watercress and mustard are also useful. It is necessary to include herring in the diet - it has vitamin D, which is very important for a strong immune system. Natural yoghurt. Two portions a day, and the chances of getting sick are reduced. Healthy food include fiber-rich vegetables - they normalize the work of the intestines, which plays an important role in the work of immunity. It is better to use plain yogurt without additives. Dyes and flavors weaken the immune system. You can use flaxseed and olive oils for salad dressing. They are not only the best helpers of your immunity, but also a powerful support of the liver.

Second rule: Hands, feet and head keep warm.

Wear scarves. Choose long coats, not short jackets.

The third rule: Wash your hands.

You can wash your hands no more than once every 6 hours. Otherwise, the skin may become dry.

Fourth rule: Wash nose with sea salt.

Buy a salt solution in a pharmacy and use it 2 times a day.

The fifth rule: Walk a lot. Ventilate a room before bedtime.

The sixth rule: Do exercises.

It raises the tone, improves blood circulation and the immune system.

The seventh rule: Healthy drinks.

Cranberry juice and ginger tea are especially good. Always add lemon to tea. You can drink rosehip syrup and its infusion.

Eighth rule: You should eat local fruits, not exotic.

Eat apples, pears, plums, grapes. If you do not have allergies, eat more oranges.

Ninth rule: Do not forget about garlic.

It can be added to salads and soups. To avoid an unpleasant smell, get garlic capsules.

Tenth rule: Immunostimulants can be used after consulting a doctor.

Lemongrass and echinacea are excellent preventive remedies.

Eleventh rule: If your weakest point is the throat, you can gargle for prevention.

Chamomile and calendula will be a good choice.

The twelfth rule: Avoid drafts and crowded places.

The thirteenth rule: If you have no contraindications, you can visit the bath and sauna.

Fourteenth rule: The best protection against the cold - cotton underwear.

Synthetic does not warm, but attracts cold. The same situation with sweaters - choose those in which the base is wool, and synthetic additives do not exceed 20%.

Fifteenth rule: Smoking increases the risk of getting sick.

The main cause of cold is short of sunlight. You need to walk even in severe frost. Healthy sleep strengthens your immune system. It’s very goof if you have the opportunity to sleep 8-9 hours. Lack of sleep has a negative effect on the immune system.

Remember that the best prevention of colds is a good mood!


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