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09 Oct
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Basil is a spicy, medicinal, annual, highly branched plant. Its leaflets are oblong, ovate, rare-toothed up to 5.5 cm long, has green or purple colour. Plant has a very pleasant balsamic smell. The stems, leaves and flower cups are rough to the touch. They accumulate the essential oil.

Native to South Asia.

Active components:

1.5% essential oil, 6% tannins, glycosides and sour saponin, vitamin C, B2, PP, A, sugar, carotene, phytoncides, etc.

Useful properties

Essential oil has a bactericidal effect. Basil also has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, a decoction of the leaves is used when coughing. Basil stimulates the immune system. It protects against infections.

Basil can help with respiratory diseases, viral, bacterial and fungal infections of the respiratory tract, including bronchitis (chronic and acute), asthma (reducing inflammation and making it easier to breathe).

Basil is also has diaphoretic and antipyretic action (good for flu, most colds and lung diseases).  It removes excess mucus from the lungs and nasal passages, strengthens nervous tissue, improves memory. Basil can be used to clear the mind (A handful of fresh basil leaves need to be washed, finely chopped and boiled in a 1 l of water. Then strain the broth, sweeten with honey and drink slightly warm).

Anti-bacterial action: problems of the oral cavity (bacteria, caries, dental tophus, plaque, bad breath, ulcers). The basil also contains mercury compounds with bactericidal properties that can be harmful to the teeth. Therefore it is recommended to avoid chewing basil leaves. There will be no harm if you do not chew basil, and use its decoction.

Essential oils in basil are antioxidants that protect us from dangerous free radicals: when we eat basil, we protect ourselves from environmental stress and reduce the risk of cancer.

Basil is used in the fight against flatulence, gastrointestinal diseases. It strengthens nerves, normalizes sleep.

It is important to note that basil can be harmful if consumed in large quantities. It can be especially dangerous for those who suffer from epilepsy, heart disease and for pregnant women, diabetes, hypertension, children up to 7 years.

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